Thursday, August 31, 2006

i'd like to buy a bowel

the world has gone completely mad i tell we've come to selling poop on ebay.what next bugers or better yet how about the toilet paper used to wipe off the excess poop. whats the matter are they that poor that they have to sell thier babys poop. and are people that star struck that they would actually buy baby poop. whatever happen to just bronzing your babys shoes. well if there is money to be made in the baby poop business i might just have to spit out another kid myself NOT. i hope whoever is buying this poop and also complaining about overpaid actors too talk about contradicting.

i've heard it all now

when i saw this i just had to pass along this is courtesy of yahoo odd news. used to be said when pigs fly but i have a flying pig toy so thats not true. well now they have tried when dogs learn to drive well that one is done for now thanks to this intelligent woman in didnt do very well his first time but hey how many of us did perfect our first time. i dont even trust my dog going out the front door there aint no way i'm going to trust him with my car not even my rusty but trusty. what was this lady thinking guinness book of world records, ripleys believe it or not, or planets funniest animals. all i can say is please do not try this at home after all you might live in my area and the roads are dangerous enough with human drivers.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

tires and testicles

yes we've all heard it before if it has tires or testicles its gonna give ya problems. my 4x4 being fixed less then a week has decided it wants more money spent on it.this time the fuel pump which happens to be in the fuel tank which happens to be full of fuel. now i know why i hate fords. i knew i should have waited till i found a chevy i liked. so anyway hubby pulled me back to his moms garage and hes hard at work on it cussin all the way. heres where i take a bow. all the times i 've been the tower or towee i've snapped tow chains and straps.well not today made it all the way without breaking it (everyone clap)haha. whats makes me so mad is i was returning my refilled ink cartridges for printer cause they were screwed up. p.s. could'nt get them fixed either have to buy new ones. so as i sit here writing this blog waiting to see what breaks down next,cause we all know they come in 3's. oh wait hubby's truck broke a bolt on alternator i hope that counts towards my two mishaps. otherwise my computer will probably crash ssshhhhh did i say that outloud. ok enough till next time bye everyone send me names for our little barfly gal.

Monday, August 28, 2006

who made man god

this is my opinion of what happened to pluto. why is it man gets to decide what is what. good ole pluto aint up to par so lets just rename it so we can spend millions of dollars printing new text books for school. all those baby mobiles that your baby laid there every night memorizing. how confused will them little kids be now. when your kid asks you what happened to the last planet in the solar system what do you tell them. well if you believe in god how do you explain man decided it wasnt worthy. if god made it a planet then it should stay a planet. some one please tell me when did god die and man became god. heres a good question out of the group that decided this do any of them believe in god? heres another one for ya for all those who want god taken out of everything get out of my country cause our money even says IN GOD WE TRUST. so if the word god offends ya quit earning and spending our money.

grand entry

here she is folks lets find a name for this fun lovin character. place names in comments will give 1 to 2 weeks depending on input. thanks for all your help and support.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

new character

Don't forget everyone tomorrow i unveil my cartoon character to be named.

trip to the bar

Hubby did such a good job fixing my truckand i did such a good job cleaning itwe decided night out on the town haha. First stop VFW i used to work there, my old guard dog was there he used to stay there with me everynight when i worked there so i was never alone. We even had nicknames for each other mangy ole mutt (him),i started out as porch pup but graduated to yard pup. There was a few other people there too we all sat around joking and of course pick on mangy ole mutt. When they closed mangy followed us down to the next hang out,they love me at this place cause everytime i play thier fruit bonus machines i win tons of tickets. Unfortunetely last night was not my night. Me being the woman i am was going home with a prize for the night. I spotted some bud light buckets and asked the bartender what do i have to do to get one of those to keep. These guys love me so much that he said for you just ask. Now i have a metal budlight bucket that i have to find a use for it now. Ever think to yourself what was i thinking at the time. But me and hubby had a fun night out and he had a good hangover today.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

man vs woman results

Well i had to wait till the next day to tell ya just to keep the suspense. I won just like i'm sure you all figured. It only took half hour to 45 minutes before hubby called and said your truck is done come get it.He even left a comment about taking my keys but i have 3 sets of them so good luck haha. I just finished cleaning my truck up she looks so pretty sitting in my driveway again. So once again i have proven women rule men drool. No offense guys just the way this crazy world works. Love ya all bye till next time.

Friday, August 25, 2006

man vs woman

well we finally got the money to fix my 4 x 4. I ask hubby can we go get my part now and fix my truck so i can take care of it. He tells me he will buy the starter after i clean it. Now its sitting across town in his moms garage all tore apart. How am i supposed to clean it when its like that. I told him i'll clean it after you fix it. He says no clean it first. I hate to tell hubby i'm gonna win this battle. I can go without longer then he can. So who do you think will win.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

no guns involved

Now you all remember me talking about the paintball incident. You'll love this. When my son got shot 2 police cars showed up. Tonite one of my neighbors seen a someone he knew was bad. So he decided to confront him i guess and ended up hitting the guy. Ok heres the funny part..... I counted 6 police cars to haul in one guy. There was'nt any type of guns involved. Whats wrong with this picture?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

hurray for school

I'm starting to think my favorite day of the year is the first day of school. watching your little ones walk out the door with all their supplies stuffed into their backpacks and those long faces. Then you get to enjoy peace and serenity all day. Then they return home backpacks deflated and their poor little brains all wore out for the day. And if your real lucky they will be so tired they might even lay down and take a nap. My teenage boy did he hasnt taken a nap in years. Yes i do believe the first day of school is my favorite day of the year

coming soon

i have designed a cartoon character so to speak.i need help naming her to be used as weekly cartoons on my blog.if all goes well i will have her on next week.then i will give 1 week to come up with a name for her.

Monday, August 21, 2006

the police

My son got shot by a co2 paint ball gun and 1 of our police officers informed me it was ridiculous to call about something like that. this ridiculous incident left a welt on his behind.But apparrently its a serious thing to throw acorns at a house.Whats wrong with this picture.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

there is a bar god

i love it i found out today my neighbors that are snitches and love to slander little kids. he got fired from his job and is now working 2 jobs and they are still struggling.the snitch witch was so desperate for one she asked my daughter to ask me if she could borrow one.after everything that woman said about my kids and the trouble she caused NO WAY. life is good again hopefully it will get even better and they will move soon.
today i took some peter peppers to a freind and he loaded me down with all kinds of strange veggies.lots of different kinds of hot peppers,peaches,grape seeds aspargus seeds and different kinds of tomatoes i've never seen.i was hoping for a bottle of homemade wine but no such luck but thats ok. now i have to refigure my garden for next year so i can figure out where to put everything. i really need a bigger yard.

Monday, August 07, 2006


this is just a little bit about me to get things started. things that interest me good-looking guys, rocks, bones, country and old rock music,and computers. i have my kids and pets to drive me crazy and a hubby to make me insane. i love nature and being out in it but why did god make spiders.