Wednesday, May 30, 2007

getting drunk on hand sanitizer

An e-mail circulating claims that a child spent two days in a hospital and nearly died after drinking a common product -- hand sanitizer.
Nashville television station WSMV reported that the warning appears to be legitimate., a site that specializes in dispelling urban legends, confirmed two cases of severe alcohol poisoning from children drinking hand sanitizer.
Experts say a bottle of hand sanitizer can be 124 proof, which is a higher alcohol content than whiskey
Tennessee Poison Control said they receive an average of one call a day about an accidental ingestion of hand sanitizer, and it has been banned from many prisons across the country because inmates were using it to get drunk, the station reported.
Now you can have a clean mouth and get drunk at the same time for less money. Now here's a good question if you have to wash your hands several times with the hand sanitizer will it soak in the skin and then you will be too drunk to drive? Another question are police using hand sanitizer and driving around drunk? Or what about that doctor getting ready to operate on you?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

police fail their job

Once again our town police have shown how well they operate. The other day I was jumped by two women twice the size of me and their 16 year old also twice as big as me. Her daughter had chased my son up into our yard and when I told her to get out she told me fuck you bitch and tried to kick me and push me down. When I got up I had these two neanderthal women attack me from behind and pulled me down backwards by my hair. The one chicken shit bitch got in about fifty punches to my head and then they rubbed dog shit in my hair. Now what do you think our fine police did take them to jail, no. Did I mention we even had video of the attack to prove they jumped me. The mother tried saying the reason they jumped me was because I punched her daughter. Trust me if I would have punched the lying little brat she would still be in the hospital. So now I will be going to the courthouse to get a restraining order against the whole family. All the police said to do was call them if any of them come around again. That's what I did the very next day when the youngest come over and started playing in our mud. About an hour later they showed up and again done nothing. We will see how well the legal system works after I get the restraining order.

Monday, May 21, 2007

from bad to worse

Well if this don't put the icing on the cake I don't know what else will. Our great city has decided to start operation clean up city starting June 4Th they are sending around inspectors to make sure all the houses in our neighborhood are up to code. Well I wonder just how up to code a house with half a hill sitting on it will be. This is bullshit they know this disaster just happened in our neighborhood. I see their game we have a new overpass being built and the on ramps and off ramps they are building will run down our streets. The city ran out of money to buy up anymore houses to clear out so now they are going to see how many they can condemn and get for free. I will admit there are some houses further down the block that should be tore down but the houses in our area are still in great shape some look very nice for this neighborhood. All I can say is if they condemn our house because of the hill I'm suing the city because they already told us our house was safe to live in after the hill come down on it. This is not a good time for them to mess with me after all that has happened I will put up a fight to save my home.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

government funds a joke

Our county was declared a disaster, our house has a hill sitting on it, but we don't live off of welfare so we make too much money. My husband works for the city and I work for the local VFW and we make 400.00 dollars too much to receive any assistance to help clean up the mess. We have 3 retaining walls, trees, and a lot of mud. This covers our whole back yard and buried the back of our house clear to the roof. The insurance company is calling it an act of God but the retaining wall on top was held up by 2 foot deadmen these should be at least 6 to 8 foot long to hold up a fifteen foot high wall. So now we have to also pay for a lawyer to prove otherwise. It seems more and more everyday that the government is trying to kill the honest working blue collar worker. I guess the governments idea of a perfect America is either you are rich and can get away with anything or you are a government funded family who gets what they give you. It just so happens that the other house hit next to us was a government funded house and their landlord moved them to a house twice as big a duplex. So now this drunk who claims to be a caretaker gets a raise from the government funds because he has to commute back and forth. All he has to do is commute up and down stairs. I am so tired of my tax dollars taking care of these phonies. This man sits in his driveway all day getting drunk with his stereo so loud you can hear it in my house with the windows closed if anything did ever happen to his mom he would not know it because he would be too drunk or would not hear it over his music. They went from a two bedroom house to a six bedroom duplex. Then he is making his cousin who he bosses around stay with his mom so he can just collect his beer money from the government and not have to worry about his mom. This just makes me so happy that we are trying to buy our house and just survive in this world. I even told my husband maybe we should get a divorce and I will become a welfare bitch and say he left me to take care of problem then maybe we can get some help. We have to make 28,000. a year or less to get help and hubby makes 400. dollars too much not counting my part time 100. dollars a week I make at the VFW. Blogger won't let me load any pictures right now but i have video on livevideo under bartendermo or go to flickr under molito66 to see some pictures or check bottom of blog for video.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

No charges on pot brownie baking cop

Police commanders in Dearborn, Mich., are taking heat for not prosecuting a police officer caught spiking brownies with pot and eating them.
The Detroit Free Press said Cpl. Edward Sanchez was allowed to resign last year after admitting he and his wife baked brownies with marijuana he had taken from a drug suspect.
The officer's troubles began with an April 2006 call to 911 where he told the operator he thought he was overdosing on marijuana. On the tape, he's heard saying, "I think we're dying. We made brownies and I think we're dead, I really do."
During the call, he asked the score of the Red Wings game that night, saying, "I just want to make sure this isn't some type of, like, hallucination that I'm having."
The paper said he later fessed up as to where he got the pot.
According to the press, the officer's wife, Stacy Sanchez, admitted to police investigators that she had previously removed cocaine from her husband's police cruiser and used it during a three-week binge. The paper said the cocaine was supposed to be used to train police dogs. She was not charged either.
Dearborn City Councilman Doug Thomas promised an investigation. He said if you're arresting people and keeping their marijuana, "That's bad. That's real bad."
"That's like apprehending a bank robber and keeping some of the money for yourself," Thomas said.
He also said he's worried about what may happen.
"It doesn't add up here," Thomas said. "If he was allowed to resign with no action, he can apply for another police position. There's all kinds of ramifications." Is this a sign of the law being above the law? Here's a test bake some marijuana brownies, eat them, then call the police and admit it and see what happens.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

home owners vs government housing

This last weekend we had a faulty retaining wall come down on ours and the neighbors houses. We are buying our house and our neighbors are section 8 (government funded housing). Our neighbors have been lying and cheating the government by claiming the son is his mom's caretaker when actually all he does is sit outside all day and night getting drunk with his stereo blasting so loud if something did happen to his mom he would never hear it. Did I mention this his mom really doesn't need help she can carry boxes full of stuff gets around quite well and everything else just like any other active elderly person does. I know people worse off then her that are living on their own. Anyway with me and my husband buying our house we are left with the mess to clean up because most of the stuff off the hill is in our yard. Here we are living pay check to pay check and now we have this new expense that is going to cost thousands of dollars. I guess my big question is why bother trying to get ahead and buy your own house when you come out better living off the government. I mean my neighbor didn't even have renters insurance and they still come out ahead. So why do we bother to pay for all this insurance because when we need it we can't collect they use the excuse act of god. Well I would like to know what god built that faulty retaining wall and what god built that very thin layered asphalt driveway that is now in our yard.

Friday, May 04, 2007

The ignorance of man

My hubby has decided to paint our metal siding on the house but first he needs to wash off the oxidation that's on it. Before he does that I asked him to take some boards to lean over my strawberries and rhubarb so as not to contaminate them. That's right you guessed it he didn't instead he comes home with a tarp to cover them after he has all ready washed the house down. OK now I'm confused what good is this tarp going to do when the house has all ready been washed down and his plant safe soap and all the oxidized paint is all ready soaked into my plants dirt. I did find out what the tarp is for he is going to cover my plants while he scraps the paint off the wood trim. Oh wow way to plan ahead dumb ass. As I look in the back yard to check on the rhubarb in back what do I see giant foot prints smashing my beans and carrots. Someone remind me again why we need men around. To be helpful??? I bet there's no help when I have to replant everything he managed to kill in one morning. Well I have to go do something before I decide to knock him even more senseless if that is possible.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Kentucky derby

That's right people it's that time of year again the great Kentucky Derby is running this weekend. Get out there and get your supplies for the big race. All the normal stuff for great sports get togethers like beer, snacks, and friends. Then pick the friends with the biggest television and have the party at their house. Remember to be responsible and find a designated driver to make sure everyone gets home safe and make sure you give them plenty of gas money. After all we have to keep lining the pockets of President Bush and all his buddies. Something else to throw at you no one buy gas on May 15 to show how we feel about these gas prices. Anyway I'm hoping Storm in May wins if a horse that's blind in one eye can make it to the Kentucky Derby then I think they deserve a win. Good luck on your favorite horses everyone later.