Tuesday, May 29, 2007

police fail their job

Once again our town police have shown how well they operate. The other day I was jumped by two women twice the size of me and their 16 year old also twice as big as me. Her daughter had chased my son up into our yard and when I told her to get out she told me fuck you bitch and tried to kick me and push me down. When I got up I had these two neanderthal women attack me from behind and pulled me down backwards by my hair. The one chicken shit bitch got in about fifty punches to my head and then they rubbed dog shit in my hair. Now what do you think our fine police did take them to jail, no. Did I mention we even had video of the attack to prove they jumped me. The mother tried saying the reason they jumped me was because I punched her daughter. Trust me if I would have punched the lying little brat she would still be in the hospital. So now I will be going to the courthouse to get a restraining order against the whole family. All the police said to do was call them if any of them come around again. That's what I did the very next day when the youngest come over and started playing in our mud. About an hour later they showed up and again done nothing. We will see how well the legal system works after I get the restraining order.

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