Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring is here

Spring is here and it's time for a lot of fun stuff. One of every ones favorite things spring cleaning yea (not really). One of the things I'm doing for spring clean up is having a buy one get one free sell on all my paperback books I'm listing on eBay for about the next month. For those who are new or forgot I'm under the name molimoney2006 on eBay. I also have some coconut scented candles and patriotic wind twirlers that I'm selling under my other eBay momsgiftmall. Now on to the really fun stuff for spring MUSHROOM season is almost here we are about a week away from going and hunting down them pesky little morel mushrooms that try so hard to elude us. I have also been working on trying to become a commercial star ha ha you can see my attempts at my latest one a bud light commercial. We are also warming up for rock season the river is starting to go down and expose the sand bars. So once again it's that busy time of year for me but not to worry I will find time to squeeze in for all my fans. Love you all be back soon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

patriot act 2004 scanning

warning as of now all American Internet providers are scanning your systems looking for any illegal downloads. without your permission they are going through everything on your computer EVERYTHING. now i will give you a wild guess who would be exempt from this our government. what does our government have to hide from the American people is it because just about everything they do is illegal or wrong or corrupt? what happen to all men being equal? oh that's right that don't exist if your rich, famous, or a politician that puts you above the law. I wonder how many identity thefts will come out of them letting a bunch of strangers scan our whole computer. You have been warned.