Friday, April 25, 2008

More on Iowa smoking ban

I just can't quite figure it out what are our politicians thinking. So far they have raised the cigarette tax 1.00, they have put a ban on smoking in public areas, and now they are going to put another 1.00 tax on cigarette's. Why don't they just make them illegal. Oh that's right they are making too much money on them to make them illegal. With all the money they are making off of us cigarette smokers you would think they would be more in tune with our needs instead of taking away all of our constitutional rights. Does freedom of choice ring a bell maybe invasion of our private lives. Last time I checked I could have sworn I was still living in the United States not some dictatorship. Open your eyes America our greedy government is turning into a dictatorship. They tell us how to raise our kids and now are kids are shooting and killing people. Now they are telling us where we can smoke and where we can't. It's funny how we can't smoke anywhere in public but the casino's. Do you think that's because the casino's are paying our government I do.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

casinos show customer appreciation

Once again casinos have showed how much they truly love their customers. Last night Ameristar casino had a bomb threat sources say and Ameristar did not inform any of their patrons. Instead security ran around frantically checking every place while unsuspecting victims continued to give their money to the casino. Another good reason not to go to the casino they don't care if you blow up just spend your money as fast as you can. And here's another little bit of information I discovered Ameristar is rated as a 4 star casino yet in order to obtain this status you must have a 24 hour restaurant which they do not. That must have been their reward for the money they paid to stay exempt from the smoking ban. I can't say whether or not the other casinos are having the same luck but i would almost bet on it. Just thought you all should know how much your casinos care. One thing I did find out about harrahs and the horseshoe is those little coupons you get from them to cash in for your reward. You have to play all the money on them in one machine you cannot cash out until you have spent that reward coupon which is supposed to be yours. Well good luck next time you go to the casino remember your putting your life in their hands.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Casinos pay off politicians

Well it happened the casinos in Iowa have paid off the politicians (who would have guessed). The smoking ban in Iowa has been passed and goes into effect on July 1st. the only places exempt are Iowas veterans home and of course the casinos. Now the way I understand it this smoking ban is to make healthier environments for Iowans. So if I'm reading this correctly this means that the casinos could care less about our health as long as they get our money before we die and our government don't care about our veterans that made this country free. I mean if the ban is over health issues is this our government saying to our veterans hurry up and die we are done using you. In my eyes this is just another great example of our greedy government thinking of themselves and their pockets and god forbid they repay our veterans for what they did by helping them to live instead of trying to speed up their death. If the government is going to ban cigarette smoking every where shouldn't cigarettes be illegal? Oh that's right the government can't do that they make to much money off the taxes on cigarettes. I think the ban should be the choice of the business owner after all do we not have freedom of choice in this country. I guess that only counts if it makes money for greedy government. From this day on I am boycotting the casinos they are a public place and they should be part of the ban.