Friday, July 31, 2009

enjoying summertime

Sorry it's been awhile but summertime has kept me busy. Where to start I've been getting some extra work done to my explorer. SO far we have put in new speakers and sanded and repainted my bumpers. Now I can put new bumper stickers on them. My poor little garden has not been growing very fast so I've been going around raiding everyone Else's. I have a new toy to play with as soon as I find a book for it. I had a friend give me a home brew beer kit. Looks like I'll be making some of my own beer. I think I will hubby try it see if it kills him first. After I attempt to make the homemade beer I think I will make some homemade wine. Here's something exciting hubby said I could have a cabana boy but I have to get a job and pay for him myself. He's so funny me get a job ha ha I will find me a cabana boy that will do it for free. Looks like I'm starting to get a harem. I now have hubby, a parts guy, a mechanic, guys who give me food, a rock guy, and a guy who gives me books. Al of them do things for me for free except the parts guy charges me half price for my parts. Life is so rough right now lol. Retirement may end up being fun after all. About all I need now is my cabana boy and a male house maid and my harem will be about complete. Well time to go turn on the charm and see what get accomplished today. Enjoy the rest of your summer I know I will.