Monday, June 29, 2009

some new drinks to try

This weekend was a weekend to try new things. First me and the captain ( Captain Morgan) played around I tried some Captain Morgan and Mt. Dew it was pretty good. Then the next night was beer night I decided to give Michelob Lime Cactus honestly did not care for it. Not as much lime taste as I hope for I still have two out of the six pack left to choke down. So while was choking them down I was with hubby and the neighbor doing their beer rescue video on imports. So I decided to brave the taste tests with them yuk I hate imports. To my surprise I found one I could drink. Love the name of it "Xingu" it had no nasty taste to it really couldn't taste nothing to be honest. So the next night the neighbor said he had a some Xingu left asked if I wanted it. So he brought me 2 he had left and I decided to drink one and this one had a hint of coffee taste to it I thought. Kind of bitter coffee so I only drank one and that's when I came up with another new drink and its awesome. I got the trusty captain out again and hubby had bought some Mt.Dew Voltage I mixed Captain Morgan and the Mt.Dew Voltage and wow you have to try it if you like Mt.Dew voltage. Well I'm going to go finish recouping from weekend bye everyone.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

add one more

Michael Jackson has died from cardiac arrest. Take this one how you like myself I believe this is a good thing for the children in the world.

it's been a sad week

They say things always happen in threes this week has proven this to be true. We have lost three great people this week. First there was the inventor of the "Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed" John Joseph Houghtaling. Then we lost Ed McMahan the announcer of the tonight show with Johnny Carson. Now we have lost Farrah Fawcett one of the first original "Charlie's Angels" the television series. They shall all be remembered for the influence they have had on our lives. They will all be remembered and missed greatly. Amongst all this grief there is yet another almost tragedy that has had a serious impact on some people. A truck carrying 40,000 pounds of beer overturned in Vermont and closed a highway for several hours. The truck went off the road Monday on Route 78. It rolled over and landed in a swamp on a wildlife refuge. Now before you all cry over spilled beer here's the good news. No beer spilled into the swamp. Keep your heads up the sun will shine tomorrow until then have a drink in memory of these people who have influenced our lives. But you may not want to drink in swampy areas.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

something interesting

The inventor of the "Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed," a coin-operated fixture in American motel rooms in the 1960s and 70s, has died.
John Joseph Houghtaling passed away on Wednesday at his home in Fort Pierce.
Houghtaling invented the "Magic Fingers" machine in 1958.
It caused beds to vibrate when a quarter was dropped in the device.
He moved the company to Miami in 1968 and remained its president until he retired in the 1980s.
He was 92. I wonder if he had one of his vibrating beds in his house.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Looks like I'm a grandmother. My oldest boy broke the rules and made me a grandmother before I'm fifty. If the baby wasn't so cute I'd kick my boys butt. Looks like now I'm going to have to start acting like a sweet little ole lady NOT lol. I only have to act that way around my grandchild. I was really hoping I would not have to worry about this until all my kids were grown up and out of the house. It's hard to be a sweet grandma when you are still dealing with teenagers in the house. But I can adapt and overcome this obstacle. OK enough bragging on with everything else. Last weekend I needed to let off some steam so I decided to go play some pool. Apparently I had enough steam to run the table all night I kicked butt in singles and doubles. It did help the fact that I had one jackass that thought he was God apparently and he kept trying to ruffle my feathers. Obviously he didn't know that my feathers were already ruffled. First I beat him in singles so then he wanted to play partners I said OK. I picked a friend of mine who plays on pool leagues jackass picked some girl I think he was trying to hit on. When it was their turn to play again jackass racked the balls and said he was going out for cigarette break. he could have done that before his turn came up so now I'm focused on beating him bad on the table. When he come back in we all shot our turns and it came around to him again he said I'm going out for a cigarette. I told him if you leave again you forfeit he said it's my money in there. I said it's my table which makes it my rules your money means nothing. I told him we could ask the bartender who rules table. I knew I would win if we did ask the bartender because he is my cousin but jackass didn't know that. He decided to finish the game first and me and my partner stomped them they still had five balls on the table when the game was over. OK enough for now but just in case I don't post by Sunday happy father's day to all the real fathers out there.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

was it natural or suicide

David Carradine, the actor who starred in the classic television series "Kung Fu," has been found dead in Bangkok, Thailand.
There are conflicting reports on how Carradine, 72, died.
His agent, who confirmed the death with WABC-TV in New York, said that he believed Carradine died of natural causes.
But citing unnamed police sources, the Web site of the Thai newspaper, The Nation, said Carradine was found Thursday hanged in his luxury hotel room -- and is believed to have committed suicide. Makes you wonder who's lying and why. My money is on the agent lying but I don't know why except maybe to protect Carradine's reputation or maybe the agent had a life insurance policy on him. You can't collect if it's suicide. Can't wait to hear who's lying and why. I remember growing up watching the Kung Fu tv series. Rest in peace grasshopper.