Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A New Drink

I've invented a new drink for summertime. As you all know I have switched my drinking choice I no longer drink Bud Light I now drink hawkeye vodka. Anyway drinking bloodymarys all the time gets old and very filling. Well I remembered drinking vodka and lemonade in my earlier years. Then we had a whole watermelon from a picnic we went to that was cut up. I remembered the old punch parties. So I took some ice and some watermelon chunks put them in a glass poured a shot of vodka in then topped it off with lemonade. My god it's awesome I'm even betting it would be really good blended. I will have to go to store and buy some small ice cubes and try it blended. I think I'll call it "Le melonade" till I come up with a better name seems how I've had a few. I've started another blog about things I'm doing during retirement. Internet business, hobbies, and general home life as a early retired person. I will add a link soon I'm still working on it. Well till next time guys just had to tell you about my new drink I invented you have to try it. Probably even better if the watermelon soaks in vodka for awhile but this was a spur of the moment idea and I had to share it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

days of retirement

Well it's been almost a whole month since I retired and I have set up some easy ways to make money. For starters I have won another 200 dollar gift card from Then I have started reading emails for money it's not a get rich quick thing but it's steady money. I have placed links and banners to all my sites on here so far I have received one check for 30 dollars from That proves to me they are for real. Now I am learning the art of trafficing so far it's going well I have 7 different links listed on So far my book sales have gone up I still list most of them for under 1 dollar. I set up a store for them check it out I have also had a couple people sign up under my links for reading email for level one earnings. I was supposed to go floating down the river this weekend but 5 inches of rain the other night and rain forecasted all weekend the trip has been cancelled. I have been having technical difficulties with pinggoat and ping-o-matic so I had to use pingflux to ping my last blog. Which resulted in less visitors for my last blog. Thank god trafficswarm helped me get some visitors. But anyway back to enjoying retirement we are going to the VFW for Iowa chops tonight. Me and the neighbor have been trying to have a yard sale for 3 weeks now maybe next weekend we will get it done. That's about all for now be back soon to let you know how things are going.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

my new american drink

Well now that Budweiser is going Belgium i have been thinking of different drinks that I like. I have always loved a good bloody mary. Unfortunately it's hard to find a bartender that make them like I like them . Being a bartender myself I not to brag but I have never had a complaint about my bloody mary's. The only thing I ask is how spicy do you want it? But anyway I have found me a new drink and the irony is the vodka i choose comes from St. Louis Missouri. The fact that I live in Iowa and I have some family that lives in Missouri I consider myself not only keeping my money in America bit even keeping it local. It may be from Missouri but it's named with one of my college teams I support the Iowa Hawkeyes. I always drank red beer anyway because I really don't like the taste of beer but I was supporting America drinking bud light. So anyway I'm drunk on bloody mary's so I'm going to go to bed. Oh yea I'm working on finding new pingers pinggoat and ping-o-matic are throwing fits right now. Night everyone.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Budweiser Takeover

Well they did it Budweiser gave into greed instead of believing in America. Now when you go out to buy yourself some Budweiser you are supporting the Belgium economy. I guess I'm going to have to learn how to home brew if I want to drink any beer that is American. Now that I am retired thanks to the smoke ban I guess I have time. Not really though with everything else going on. Well looks like I drank my last Bud Light the other night. I guess I will go get some homemade wine from my friend until I find some real American beer to drink again. I hope Budweiser and Inbev get flushed down the toilet in America it would serve them right. I know they have now lost my business.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

survival in summer

Wow July has been a busy month. Barely a week over into it and I'm worn out. Ive done the the yearly family camping trip. FIVE DAYS IN A TENT. Yes I got sun burned red as a lobster but I made it to the lake everyday at least to fish. Good thing I had hubby and son to take fish off hooks. I knew there was a reason to take men fishing. I had to show my 18 year old how to put a worm on hook so worm wouldn't steal it first bite. Well thanks to Iowa's smoking ban I am retired from work. Does this mean I can collect SSI disability because I'm addicted to cigarettes? After all if an illegal can get SSI just for sneaking into our country why can't I get it for our government using dictatorship and telling me what i can do? Oh and before I forget Budweiser says that they will except more money from Inbev but their not easy you know what I mean.Is this where I'm supposed to say hooray American pride ain't cheap but yet it can be bought? Right now I'm getting drunk on what may be my last American owned beer. Sorry everyone but I'm trashed and ready to pass out so off to bed I go.