Friday, December 26, 2008

paid again

I made it to the three dollar cash out amount on neobux. I was paid instantly again. I am starting to like neobux more now I didn't seem to have many problems this time. I'm still waiting on payment on the others that I cashed in but I am not expecting them until January. The only thing about paid per click programs is that they use up time especially when you decide to advertise them on traffic sites. Keeping your credits built up to use to advertise your affiliate URLs to try to get people to sign under you. This has actually worked for me I have a few people on my downline on some of my PTC's. I have earned a little extra money from them. I think by next year I will start seeing a monthly income from them. This will all depend on how many good ones and how many of them are scams. If I come across scam ones I will let you know and sign up for a different site to test. I have been looking at what other people say about good and bad sites. If I see the same site listed as good at several places then I put them on my list of sites to sign up for to test. Which reminds me I need to sign up for one or two more paid per click programs and another traffic site. I dropped one of my traffic sites called goneclickin it just didn't really offer much. Remember all these sites I join are free to join I'm looking for free money on the Internet and sharing my discoveries with you. Trust me when I say these are no get rich quick schemes. Well enough for now till next time good luck.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Added another blog

Once again me and my neighbor have decided to try another adventure. This time we have decided to try our luck with pod casting. We have a spot on YouTube and a blog here on blogger. The name of our podcast is The Last Great Podcast. It's mostly just joking around stuff but we also talk about some of our ideas we have. You would not believe some of the stuff we come up with some good, bad, or just plain goofy. Usually when we start talking goofy a good idea sneaks into our head. So check out our podcast we are doing daily audio and weekly video and audio. Now on to other subjects. I have requested payment from two more pay to click sites I will know if they are legit by the beginning of January. I have also found another game site I have been playing at. I won four dollars paid into one of my paid to click programs. The paid to click program is Inboxdollars which is also one of them I just sent in for to receive payment. The game site is Winster but they are having some server problems it tends to freeze up. They are supposed to be fixing it so we will see. But you can join free or be a paid member. The other day I was doing my traffic stuff and came across a site that has the same template I was going to use. Now I have decide if I want to use a different one I probably won't because so far I have only seen one out of the billions out there. Well time to go and get to work on other stuff.