Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer time is here

Well the kids are home for summer vacation or should I say out of school for summer. This weekend we went to the VFW that I used to work at for customer appreciation day. We had a blast they had games, food, drinks, raffles, and a band. We stayed most of the day won some nice prizes. Earlier this week I received another big batch of books I got them all organized now I'm planning a yard sale for this next weekend. Hopefully I will make some extra cash for gas money to go rock hunting. It's been pretty dry so hopefully river is down so lots of sandbars exposed. As far as getting website built I hate this program I bought not as easy as the other one. I may just have to buy the other one instead try my luck again. Our street is still a mess I'm beginning to wonder if they will ever get it done. It's amazing how many people can't read road closed to thru traffic. They go clear to barricade then have to back up a block to last street they passed to turn around. We have made some advancement on the hill we found our sidewalk drain in backyard so hopefully rain will drain down it instead of across yard. That way all the mud will wash down driveway to street. Oh almost forgot hubby and the neighbor have a new hobby every weekend they try a different imported beer. This weekend I had strawberry daiquiris made with fresh strawberries from my yard oh man were they good. OK enough for now talk to you all later.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

early morning thoughts

Oh god I'm up before noon. Well here's whats on my mind just remember it's before noon. Have you been noticing gas prices slowly rising again Do the oil company's have our new president in their pockets? Or is it a family thing? I predict gas prices will be at three dollars or more a gallon by summer. So if your planning a summer vacation better save up extra gas money. This could put a damper on camping ad rock hunting this summer. It has not effected mushroom hunting yet. We have a new edition to our family a kitten. He is part Maine coon cat pure black. I call him little evil child he is bad. Even my rottweiler tries to stay clear of him. When he first go here she couldn't leave him alone now he won't leave her alone lol. I never thought I would own an ankle biter but he is. He likes to hide and wait for you to walk past and attack your ankles lol. Well I guess I better go make some money to pay for our gas for vacation time. That reminds me I have to make hubby check the oil and give the the explorer a tuneup.