Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here come the spooks

Tomorrow is Halloween and all the kids will be out collecting their bags of candy and treats. Everyone please take special precaution to watch out for them. This is one night where the only thing on their mind is candy. They can come dashing out from behind a parked car. Sometimes they forget to stop and look for cars because they heard the house across the street has big candy bars they are giving away. So they have to hurry and get over there before they are gone. Plus the fact that half of them will be dressed in dark costumes that are hard to see at night. Also for all cat owners who own a black cat keep them locked up too there are cults out there that think they have to sacrifice a black cat on Halloween. We used to own a black cat ourselves and we always kept him locked up a week before Halloween. We had to have him put to sleep last year due to illness we miss him very much still. Make sure you check your child's candy also and don't let them eat any of those chocolate coins made in China they have melamine in them. This is what is killing all the babies in China. So please remember to take extra precaution tomorrow for the children's sake and have a safe and happy Halloween.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Newer not always better

Well I finally got me a new router I bought the same brand but this is supposed to be new improved model. Boy ain't that a joke I have had so many problems half the time it it says I have no wireless and the other half it can't find the router. I have been having to hardline it most the time and I hate that. I like having my freedom to move my office to where ever I want when I want. We have updated ourselves to digital on our cable and I told the cable guy how I keep getting thrown on and off line and I have changed routers thinking that was my problem. He changed some of the connections outside said they were getting old and worn that might have been my problem. So next I will get me a new modem I guess and try that and if that don't fix my problem hopefully we will be able to still get money back on taxes after the government is done making us pay to save the rich greedy people on wall street and I can buy me a new computer. I hate to get rid of this old girl she has been good to me for 5 years but the burner don't work anymore and she is getting slow. I will probably get me another Dell for the simple fact that's what I'm used to and hubby hates them that will keep him away. The only thing I hate about getting a new computer is I don't want to have to switch to vista. Hopefully windows will come out with something better soon. My book sale is going slow not selling many paperbacks. I may just extend my buy one get one free till Christmas so I can move some inventory. I have started listing more hard covers to try to make up the difference. I love trafficswarm they have been sending me a lot of traffic. I have had my first bad experience on eBay I bought a disk called 10,000 drinks I was going to start putting a new drink regularly on my website when I got it up and going but the instructions they sent say to go in and change my MSCONFIG. I may not be very computer smart but that's a scary thing to mess with took me awhile to get my computer back to normal. Now they refuse to refund me I wish they would have mentioned having to change your MSCONFIG in the description I never would have purchased it. So I will see if PayPal can get my money back for me I offered to return the disk for my refund and they said no. I will give out their eBay information after the dispute is over. Well I better get back to work on my other stuff with my so called high speed Internet. talk to you soon.

Monday, October 20, 2008

absent due to illness

Sorry it's been awhile everyone but I have been sick the change in weather kicked my butt. I could not even get out of bed for two days. I'm still not 100% but I'm getting there. The bad thing was I ran out of NyQuil and DayQuil both and had to try some other medicines that hubby takes when he is ill. Aleve cold and flu made my hair feel like it was standing up and crawling plus made me light headed. Sudafed made me feel like I was on speed but dried my nose for a few hours. So today I decided to rough it and take nothing I survived and managed to get a little housework done because guess what the only thing anyone done while I was sick was make a mess and leave it for me. I'm so glad my family loves me lol. Hubby was nice and fixed me chicken noodle soup though. But while I was down I did manage to start preparing everything for my website. Me being the computer genius I'm not got me the book creating web pages for dummies. I may need to find me one for idiots or something for someone who has no clue. When I told hubby and the neighbor what kind of design I wanted to do for my website they both laughed and said good luck. Looks like I am on my own. My pay to click programs are taking up a lot of my time plus I have been trying to win another 200 dollar gift card on gamevance. But I am getting all my links put together that I want to put on there. I wish this was much easier but I will have a website sooner or later if I have to settle for plain Jane until I learn more. But anyway enough for now hopefully I will have good news next time later everyone.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

building a website

Well I can honestly say construction has started on building my website. Hubby bought another Web Easy pro 7. My computer allowed it so I can now build something. I know what I want the basic design to look like but having the know how is another problem. I have given up MomsGiftMall was costing more then I was making off it. As far as I'm concerned it was a rip-off. Besides the fact I picked the name but never actually owned it they did. So it looks like as the bar turns is going to be my main site to all my other sites, networks and whatever else I do. Oh that reminds me now I have to make new business cards. My neighbor just come over he bought a nice raft for fifty bucks now I want one. I need a boat loan for fifty bucks. (lol) Anyway back on track. I have a lot to learn before I can build a website. I need some cool pictures of bars to use for my website too. OK I'm doing more bullshitting then typing so I better go for now. Talk to you later.