Sunday, October 26, 2008

Newer not always better

Well I finally got me a new router I bought the same brand but this is supposed to be new improved model. Boy ain't that a joke I have had so many problems half the time it it says I have no wireless and the other half it can't find the router. I have been having to hardline it most the time and I hate that. I like having my freedom to move my office to where ever I want when I want. We have updated ourselves to digital on our cable and I told the cable guy how I keep getting thrown on and off line and I have changed routers thinking that was my problem. He changed some of the connections outside said they were getting old and worn that might have been my problem. So next I will get me a new modem I guess and try that and if that don't fix my problem hopefully we will be able to still get money back on taxes after the government is done making us pay to save the rich greedy people on wall street and I can buy me a new computer. I hate to get rid of this old girl she has been good to me for 5 years but the burner don't work anymore and she is getting slow. I will probably get me another Dell for the simple fact that's what I'm used to and hubby hates them that will keep him away. The only thing I hate about getting a new computer is I don't want to have to switch to vista. Hopefully windows will come out with something better soon. My book sale is going slow not selling many paperbacks. I may just extend my buy one get one free till Christmas so I can move some inventory. I have started listing more hard covers to try to make up the difference. I love trafficswarm they have been sending me a lot of traffic. I have had my first bad experience on eBay I bought a disk called 10,000 drinks I was going to start putting a new drink regularly on my website when I got it up and going but the instructions they sent say to go in and change my MSCONFIG. I may not be very computer smart but that's a scary thing to mess with took me awhile to get my computer back to normal. Now they refuse to refund me I wish they would have mentioned having to change your MSCONFIG in the description I never would have purchased it. So I will see if PayPal can get my money back for me I offered to return the disk for my refund and they said no. I will give out their eBay information after the dispute is over. Well I better get back to work on my other stuff with my so called high speed Internet. talk to you soon.

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