Wednesday, October 08, 2008

building a website

Well I can honestly say construction has started on building my website. Hubby bought another Web Easy pro 7. My computer allowed it so I can now build something. I know what I want the basic design to look like but having the know how is another problem. I have given up MomsGiftMall was costing more then I was making off it. As far as I'm concerned it was a rip-off. Besides the fact I picked the name but never actually owned it they did. So it looks like as the bar turns is going to be my main site to all my other sites, networks and whatever else I do. Oh that reminds me now I have to make new business cards. My neighbor just come over he bought a nice raft for fifty bucks now I want one. I need a boat loan for fifty bucks. (lol) Anyway back on track. I have a lot to learn before I can build a website. I need some cool pictures of bars to use for my website too. OK I'm doing more bullshitting then typing so I better go for now. Talk to you later.

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