Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A new ptc

I have decided to be brave and joined a brand new ptc its so new that I am the fourth one to join. The name is my referral link is Hopefully it will turn out to be a great place so come join me for the beginning of a new ptc. There is a banner to it also at the bottom of my blog. I think that pretty soon I'm gonna have to start another blog just for my pay per click programs that I have joined. Oh and before I forget hubby got me a couple different programs for building websites and I think I have all the dummies books and idiot books to figure it out. I almost feel like I'm going back to school with all this stuff I have to learn. Good thing I'm retired and have time now (haha). Well anyway better get back to retirement. I have to get everything done before the weekend because I get to party this weekend. All my weekly work that is.

Monday, August 25, 2008

no front page

Looks like our local newspaper decided to write a front page article on mommy bloggers. Unfortunately I didn't meet their criteria I guess. But I don't believe in talking about my kids all the time on here because there are too many psycho child molesters on the Internet. I,m not going to talk about personal things my kids do that gives the molesters tips on how to trick your child. If a molester knows your child's name or nickname they could pretend they are a family friend. Plus if you talk about any extra curricular activities your kids are in they could stalk your child. So I will continue to blog the way I do with tips and news and whatever else pops up but I will not say much about my children I don't want a child molester stealing my kid because he knows the kid is home alone because mom and dad are at work. I would never wish any harm to any child but I hate it when parents ain't smart enough to realize that they are putting their kids on a silver platter for these psychos. Remember moms you can Google just about anything. So if you even mention a team name your kids play on and what state or city you live in its not hard for a child molester to pinpoint where your children are. So remember when you are blogging about your children and putting up pictures of them try not to give out too much information for your children's sake.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

renewed domain

Well everyone looks like I'm here for another two years. I decided to stick with Godaddy instead of switching to yahoo domains. I figure I must be doing something right a few people want my domain name. So I'm going to work on setting up my .com site but first I will practice with one of my other domain names that hasn't expired yet. I've started to figure out how to make extra money with my pay per click programs. I have also noticed that my blog is getting slower at loading. So now I have to get serious for awhile and start learning how to build a website. I guess now that I'm retired I have time to become computer smart. I've been stocking up on my for dummies books for computers and marketing. So if I'm going to learn how to make money on the Internet I might as well make money with my website. Besides I have peace and quiet in my house again school has started. So I guess I better get ready for bed so I can get them off to school.

Friday, August 08, 2008

lifes curves

I was out the other day and ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in years. The years had not been good for him. About twenty years ago when I first met him he was hot had a high paying job and doing well. Well a lot has changed since last I seen him about ten years ago. Now he's a poor old drunk out of work. Back in his younger days he got a great job doing asbestos removal. Then he got drunk one night and wrecked and got a DUI lost his job and has been bouncing around since. I asked him if the reason he looked so bad was if he had that asbestos poisoning or did he get lucky enough to be in with all the mesothelioma lawsuits. He said no that he didn't blame the asbestos for his condition he blamed alcohol. I told him he should look into some mesothelioma information just to be sure. Cause I've seen a lot of alcoholics and they didn't look near as bad as he did. As we sat there talking he asked me if I knew any good DUI lawyers cause he had another accident and needed one. I couldn't help him out much I gave him a couple names that I had heard before but told him I didn't know how good they were. As we parted ways I could only hope that he would take some of my advice and get treatment whether it was for asbestos poisoning or for alcoholism. He's a great guy and I hate to see him waste away. But anyway time to go do some work housework that is.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Staying busy

Well so much for retirement being relaxing I've been busy. This last weekend we went to the rodeo in Carson Iowa it was a blast. And guess who got drunk on their ass. OK I'm guilty I might have enjoyed my drunk more but I had to drink bud light. All they had was miller lite or bud light. I tried to win a horse at the rodeo not knowing where I would keep it if I won that was hubby's problem. Then after the rodeo I got me some pictures and some video of me petting a couple of the bulls. Crazy I know but that's the kind of girl I am. Last time I went I got my picture taken sitting on a Brahma bull. After the rodeo me and hubby went to the bar to finish the night off. Don't remember much towards the end like the ride home. Sunday I woke up with a massive hangover. So I got nothing done except my pay per click programs. So Monday I played catch up on everything else. While I was doing all this I was thinking about starting another domain for my smoking ban retiree. I already use godaddy for asthebarturns and I have had a few problems trying to set things up the way I want. Then I thought about yahoo domains seems how I use my yahoo so much anyway it's my main email I have a yahoo group and a 360 so why not try a domain too. I haven't done it yet have to do more research first. But if I'm using yahoo for everything else I might as well try domains yahoo style.