Sunday, March 08, 2009

February flew by

Sorry everyone I hadn't realized a whole month went by since last post. I have been very busy though. For starters I have moved my office around in the basement and I have all my books in one place now. I found another program to build my website with I hope so far so good my computer excepted it. Hubby bought us both new desks we are waiting for them to come in. We are also moving my rock stuff down to the basement. I have gone wireless with my keyboard and mouse. I like it gives me more freedom to kick back and relax while blogging or whatever. My birthday is coming up I started celebrating yesterday suffering from hangover today. Me and my daughter are finishing up our crafts for the craft and bake sale on St. Patrick's Day at the VFW. I went and bought the prizes for the bag auction. They have now gone to all volunteers at the VFW and they have asked me to help bar tend on April Fools' Day for a big get together. Well I'm gonna call it a night and get rid of my hangover talk to you later.