Friday, June 27, 2008

Budweiser says no to Inbev

Anheuser-Busch has once again turned down Inbev's offer. Way to go Budweiser. Inbev has now decided to go hostile and try to take over. Inbev has filed a lawsuit in Delaware Chancery Court seeking to empower Anheuser shareholders to ax it's entire board. Looks like Inbev has thrown the first punch to start a fight against Budweiser or shall I dare say in America's face. This could end up backfiring on Inbev. Budweiser is a part of America that you can't just take away. Inbev is now turning it's attention on the shareholders to see if greed will overpower their belief in Budweiser and America. Hostile deals can be bad, because the buyer risks alienating the employees and the company can become difficult to integrate. Inbev might get Budweiser and win the battle but they may lose the war because they could lose the people. It's one thing to mess with a company but it's a whole new ballgame when you mess with a company that is part of a great nation. Inbev don't realize the can of worms they have opened by trying a hostile takeover of Budweiser both politically and patriotic. This slap in the face by Inbev should strengthen the resistance and harden the spine of Budweiser and all it's allies. Even some lawmakers and both senators from Missouri have already expressed objections to this deal. Now let's all remember Warren Buffet backs in Inbev not Budweiser. Shows you how much he loves America he just loves the money. Inbev is likely making plans to convince the shareholders to dump Budweiser's 13 directors and nominate it's own slate of directors that will support Inbev. Budweiser's shareholder base has likely changed since Inbev made its offer and is now populated with merger arbitrageurs who could be receptive to InBev's plans. Inbev has to get written consent from the shareholders in order to replace the board. They are also asking the Delaware court if it's even possible to remove all 13. Personally Budweiser is made in Missouri born in Missouri. Inbev should have to try and convince a court in Missouri. I'm sure that would not go well for Inbev. Either way looks like Inbev might have bit off more then they can chew, I think they are in for a real battle. Unless a bunch of Warren Buffetts own the shares now.

Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin dies age 71

It's a sad day today in the comedy world one of the greatest comics ever known has died. George Carlin Died Sunday of heart failure. He was tapped to receive this years Mark Twain award. This was one comedian who told it like it was and and made it into humor. One of his routines he was most famous for was the "Seven Dirty Words" seven words you could not use on TV. This was one man that would say what was on his mind and tell you exactly how he felt about it. I know he shall be greatly missed by this person. I think I'll have a Budweiser in his honor while it's still American because I'm sure George wouldn't want me to buy one and watch a foreign country get the money for it when our great U.S. is going broke. George here's to keeping American money in America where it belongs. Shit,piss,fuck,cunt,cocksucker,motherfucker, and tits. Thats all we have to say for now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Warren Buffett backs Inbev

Well looks like Warren Buffett don't believe in America or the American way. Looks like mr. Buffett is backing Inbev in their hostile takeover of Budwieser. Like I said greed is the only thing people know nowadays. I believe a true American would want to stand behind something American made. No wonder America is going broke everything made in America is going foriegn. You know mr. Buffett if you don't want to help Budwieser stay American why don't you and all your money move to Belgium. I know if I owned Budwieser stock I would help try to keep Budwieser right where they are. Why do rich people have to fuck up a good thing. Here is a list of the main companies that mr. Buffett holds stock in boycott them. Put some hurt in his pocket.
Acme Brick Company
International Dairy Queen, Inc.
Applied Underwriters
Iscar Metalworking Companies
Ben Bridge Jeweler
Johns Manville
Benjamin Moore & Co.
Jordan's Furniture
Berkshire Hathaway Group
Justin Brands
Berkshire Hathaway Homestates Companies
Marmon Holdings, Inc.
Borsheims Fine Jewelry
McLane Company
Buffalo NEWS, Buffalo NY
Medical Protective
Business Wire
MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
Central States Indemnity Company
MiTek Inc.
Clayton Homes
National Indemnity Company
CORT Business Services
Nebraska Furniture Mart
CTB Inc.
Fechheimer Brothers Company
The Pampered Chef®
Precision Steel Warehouse, Inc.
Forest River
RC Willey Home Furnishings
Fruit of the Loom®
Scott Fetzer Companies
Garan Incorporated
See's Candies
Gateway Underwriters Agency
Shaw Industries
GEICO Auto Insurance
Star Furniture
General Re
TTI, Inc.
Helzberg Diamonds
United States Liability Insurance Group
H.H. Brown Shoe Group
Wesco Financial Corporation
HomeServices of America, a subsidiary of
MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
XTRA Corporation
American Express Company
The Coca-Cola Company
The Gillette Company
H&R Block, Inc
M&T Bank
Moody’s Corporation
The Washington Post Company
Wells Fargo & Company
It also held stock in other companies to the value of $5,383 million .
Hang in there Budwieser us true Americans are behind you.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Removing ticks

Well we are in full season for ticks again and everyone is trying to figure out an easy way to get rid of them. Here's a little remedy for getting ticks out of you or your animal. Take a Q-tip swab dip it in whiskey or vodka and stroke the top of the tick with it. This will kill the tick and it falls right out. I guess they can't handle their liquor. I wonder if you drink plenty of whiskey or vodka if they won't even bite into you in the first place. But anyway this does work it takes a few minutes for the tick to fall off but it will work.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Early retirement

One more month and the smoking ban takes effect. As of right now I am getting everything ready for my early retirement. I have been having bis sales on eBay to sale my books. I have joined a few read ads for money for a little extra income. Me and my daughter have been making our rock necklaces and selling some at garage sales. Soon we will be putting some up on eBay. After July 1st I will start having my own garage sales weekly for extra money too. With all the rain we have been getting my garden is growing like crazy (including the weeds). I have already picked a bunch of radishes and strawberries. This also means the rivers are up so we can't go rock hunting. Once I retire I may be shutting down because it is costing me more to keep going then it's giving back. So everyone who has a gift card please use them up before it's too late. I am only closing the website I will still have the eBay name and sale stuff on there. But the gift cards are only good on the website. I still have 5 $10 gift cards I think I will give them away with some of my eBay orders. Well back to work for now I have to finish getting ready for my early retirement.