Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Payment Recieved

Well I can honestly say that neobux pays I cashed out 2.05 to my paypal account. It was in my account within five minutes. Even with all the problems I had with neobux in the beginning I can honestly say that they are an honest pay per click site. Who knows the problems may no have been all their fault seems how I myself was having computer and router problems but all my other pay per click programs were working. So seems how I did get paid I will continue to use them unless I start having problems again. Don't forget everyone October 1st is the start of my buy one get one free on all paperback books listed in the month of October. http://store.auctiva.com/molimoney2006 here's the link to my store. Oh and great news I have me a website builder on my computer now so I can start building my website. Talk to you later time to get busy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Finally back from the dead I think

Well I finally made it back what a headache.Computer was down for four days and I'm still having technical difficulties. Good examples.... Blogger would not let me log in, java wont update, had no sound till yesterday, Norton decided to load on my computer but then wouldn't let anything else load even windows updates, and don't get me started about the problems with getting windows xp home back on my computer. I swear windows will try everything in their power to force you to switch to their vista that they think is so great. Well I've seen it in action it sucks I will hold on to xp as long as I can or they come out with something that really is better. So now as I am still doing updates and repairs I am preparing for another buy one get one free sale on my paperback books I have overstock again. God do I have major overstock this sale may run till Christmas unless I sale a whole lot. All the details will be posted in my eBay blog sometime this week. I had to tell all my email buddies to give me a couple days to get caught up I had 500 emails by the time I got yahoo back and I have to settle for an older version right now because for some reason my computer wont load my 9.0 beta yahoo messenger. Then to top it all off my wireless router is going bad so I keep losing connection. Ok better go before I lose everything from disconnect be back soon if blogger lets me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

computer crash to born again

I am preparing to make an ultimate sacrifice for the better of my computer (I'm told). This all started last week when we attempted to put a web site building program on my computer. Let's just say my computer is very picky about what it lets me download and use on it. A good example my computer does not like Norton antivirus at all. So anyway we decided to put an extra hard drive on my computer for me to load the web site program on. We'll call this plan A. It didn't work the program loaded one part on second hard drive but put the main part on my regular hard drive. We also come to find out that the second hard drive has been partitioned into 2 parts and its only a 4 gig. So anyway time for plan B. We are going to crash my computer and reboot it. One good thing hubby is good at crashing his and getting it back up within half hour. But first I must save all my vital stuff to disk. OK my disk burner don't work. Here we go with plan C. I will load the second hard drive with my info give hard drive to hubby to load to his computer and burn to CD for me. This is taking forever I have decided to delete about half the stuff that I really don't need I guess can always go find it again if needed. Now I am checking the disks to make sure everything is there and working before the big crash. Hubby is even going to kill the battery to the motherboard (I guess) so it forgets everything we have ever done together and see if he can fix my disk burner problem. I am waiting on one more set of disks for hubby to copy then we shall begin the death and rebirth of my computer. All I can say is everyone PLEASE cross your fingers and toes and everything else for me. Hopefully when and if me and my computer make it back alive hopefully I will be able to load the web site builder and start working on a web design for asthebarturns.com. So remember I love you all I hope to be back soon and wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

scrarch the new ptc

Well guys don't look like my new ptc site I blogged about ptrbux.com is going to do to well they were up to over 200 members and now its up for sale and shut down. So don't jump on the band wagon for this paid to click program. Just as soon as my computer quits acting up and I can get to all my sites I'm taking down any advertisement for it I'm also taking off neobux.com because I've had nothing but problems since I've joined. I've been busy lately with all my paid to click sites and with trafficswarm building my credits to keep traffic coming. I will give a thumbs up to trafficswarm I have noticed a big difference in traffic to my sites especially my book store on eBay. Sales have more then doubled so I have been busy keeping a constant supply of books available. So needless to say I haven't had much time to check out the programs I have to build my website. I was planning on being good this weekend and not drink so I could work on my Internet world but after moving my office back down to the dungeon and putting a bedroom back in upstairs I wanted to relax. So here I am a six pack later talking to you guys and I still have twelve more to go. I don't think I will last for all of them saves some for tomorrow. I think my next blog I will talk about things you can use Listerine for besides covering up alcohol breath. Well time to get back to the fun part of retirement I'm starting to enjoy being forced to retire.