Friday, May 04, 2007

The ignorance of man

My hubby has decided to paint our metal siding on the house but first he needs to wash off the oxidation that's on it. Before he does that I asked him to take some boards to lean over my strawberries and rhubarb so as not to contaminate them. That's right you guessed it he didn't instead he comes home with a tarp to cover them after he has all ready washed the house down. OK now I'm confused what good is this tarp going to do when the house has all ready been washed down and his plant safe soap and all the oxidized paint is all ready soaked into my plants dirt. I did find out what the tarp is for he is going to cover my plants while he scraps the paint off the wood trim. Oh wow way to plan ahead dumb ass. As I look in the back yard to check on the rhubarb in back what do I see giant foot prints smashing my beans and carrots. Someone remind me again why we need men around. To be helpful??? I bet there's no help when I have to replant everything he managed to kill in one morning. Well I have to go do something before I decide to knock him even more senseless if that is possible.

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