Wednesday, May 09, 2007

home owners vs government housing

This last weekend we had a faulty retaining wall come down on ours and the neighbors houses. We are buying our house and our neighbors are section 8 (government funded housing). Our neighbors have been lying and cheating the government by claiming the son is his mom's caretaker when actually all he does is sit outside all day and night getting drunk with his stereo blasting so loud if something did happen to his mom he would never hear it. Did I mention this his mom really doesn't need help she can carry boxes full of stuff gets around quite well and everything else just like any other active elderly person does. I know people worse off then her that are living on their own. Anyway with me and my husband buying our house we are left with the mess to clean up because most of the stuff off the hill is in our yard. Here we are living pay check to pay check and now we have this new expense that is going to cost thousands of dollars. I guess my big question is why bother trying to get ahead and buy your own house when you come out better living off the government. I mean my neighbor didn't even have renters insurance and they still come out ahead. So why do we bother to pay for all this insurance because when we need it we can't collect they use the excuse act of god. Well I would like to know what god built that faulty retaining wall and what god built that very thin layered asphalt driveway that is now in our yard.

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