Tuesday, May 15, 2007

government funds a joke

Our county was declared a disaster, our house has a hill sitting on it, but we don't live off of welfare so we make too much money. My husband works for the city and I work for the local VFW and we make 400.00 dollars too much to receive any assistance to help clean up the mess. We have 3 retaining walls, trees, and a lot of mud. This covers our whole back yard and buried the back of our house clear to the roof. The insurance company is calling it an act of God but the retaining wall on top was held up by 2 foot deadmen these should be at least 6 to 8 foot long to hold up a fifteen foot high wall. So now we have to also pay for a lawyer to prove otherwise. It seems more and more everyday that the government is trying to kill the honest working blue collar worker. I guess the governments idea of a perfect America is either you are rich and can get away with anything or you are a government funded family who gets what they give you. It just so happens that the other house hit next to us was a government funded house and their landlord moved them to a house twice as big a duplex. So now this drunk who claims to be a caretaker gets a raise from the government funds because he has to commute back and forth. All he has to do is commute up and down stairs. I am so tired of my tax dollars taking care of these phonies. This man sits in his driveway all day getting drunk with his stereo so loud you can hear it in my house with the windows closed if anything did ever happen to his mom he would not know it because he would be too drunk or would not hear it over his music. They went from a two bedroom house to a six bedroom duplex. Then he is making his cousin who he bosses around stay with his mom so he can just collect his beer money from the government and not have to worry about his mom. This just makes me so happy that we are trying to buy our house and just survive in this world. I even told my husband maybe we should get a divorce and I will become a welfare bitch and say he left me to take care of problem then maybe we can get some help. We have to make 28,000. a year or less to get help and hubby makes 400. dollars too much not counting my part time 100. dollars a week I make at the VFW. Blogger won't let me load any pictures right now but i have video on livevideo under bartendermo or go to flickr under molito66 to see some pictures or check bottom of blog for video.

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