Sunday, December 13, 2009

catch up time

Sorry it's been awhile everyone the holiday season is hectic. We have been having fun though. For Halloween all us girls wore tutus and I dressed my Explorer as a Chevy Blazer. Then for Thanksgiving big dinner at my house. This year me and the neighbor are having a decorating contest in our yards of course we shall win this battle too lol. I know this is late but there's some things I've been dying to comment on. First thing I don't know about you guys but I'm not feeling any safer with 2 muslims running homeland security. Looks like our prez just gave all his buddies free pass to here and how conveniently sent more of our troops overseas so we have less protection from invasion now. Better stop there I will get carried away. The next thing is funny my own little joke about the Tiger Woods thing. Tigers wife had to use an iron club because Tiger was already using the wood lol. We all know it wasn't no driving accident his wife was in hot pursuit with that club eyes full of rage. Something tells me she was aiming for him and his wood lol. Well that's the basics I wanted to get caught up. One more thing as the bar turns has been stolen from me if I don't have full control of it back by the New Year I will start fresh and new under another name looks like will also have to sacrifice bartendermo my user name. Don't worry I will let you all know my new names if I have to start over. Bad thing is I had some good sites I was starting to make money at. OK bye for now Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. That's the way I will always say it.

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