Friday, September 24, 2010

Lost in cyberspace

I know I know I did it again I forgot to keep up with my blog well at least this one. I'm getting better at delegating the things to do on a time schedule but when personal life surprises you with extra things to do it's hard to keep that schedule. Plus the fact I've been very busy making my free money on the Internet and the blog that goes with that That blog keeps up to date with my cyber life and my earnings. Not much is going on rock hunting there was none this year the river stayed flooded all summer. I tried being a picker like the American pickers didn't like that too many spider webs and bugs. Had a few yard sales to make some extra cash. Did more digging on the back yard where the neighbors hill came down. We finally won our settlement but didn't win enough to pay for the damages done. The city took over the property where the hill came down from tried to tell us we had to put up an 18 foot wall so the debris on their property was not endangering our house. Let me just say it's not true what they say that you can't fight city hall because we did and we won it's their wall to build and I'm guessing if it's like any of the other properties they own around here who knows when they will get to it. They own a property 2 houses down from us the sidewalk is so overgrown you would never guess there was one there I haven't seen it in the 10 years I've been here. I'm planning on taking some pictures of the million dollar piles of junk they bought they call art and some pictures of the properties they own that used to be houses that they don't take care of and you will see what I mean. OK that's enough for now till the next time I will do my best to make it sooner I promise.

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