Monday, January 15, 2007

The war is on

We have received our first good accumulation of snow and the neighbor has challenged me to a snow war. This means forts, snowballs, sneak attacks, and everything goes. I hate to tell him but me and my daughter will cream him. And I'm sure once the rest of the neighborhood kids see what's going on they will want to join in. With the boys I'm not sure if they will remember their loyalty to me or if they think they have to be on the guys side. If they do decide to side on the guy side I will have to pull out my secret weapon. I will call in the marines and make my hubby go in and divide and conquer. I'm not worried though me being the devious woman that I am shall conquer without any help. Everyone knows that a woman always wins in the end. And with my little girl growing up just like her mama them guys ain't going to know what hit them. I'll be sure to let you know the outcome. Bye for now.

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