Thursday, January 11, 2007

YouTube VS Livevideo

As the battle rages on or the migration as everyone is calling it. Youtubers are running to livevideo they claim it's better then youtube. Well I have been running tests to compare myself which is better. I am a neutral person because I have not really been faithful to just one I have several video sites where I have been making videos. I will give credit to livevideo for better picture quality, 200mb capacity, and people seem more friendly. I already have two friends and 2 subscribers and my first real video had 185 hits over night. The same video on youtube only got six views over night and I have been a member there for awhile and have six subscribers. Youtube gets credit for speed, easy, and less sex stuff. Seems like a lot of the videos on livevideo are about sexy girls and to tell you the truth I'm not interested in that if I was I would go to a porn site. As far as speed goes I uploaded a video to livevideo first and while I was waiting for it to encode I had uploaded, processed, viewed, and started uploading to a third video site in the time I waited for livevideo. The whole process took over two hours. I do like how livevideo fits in my blog better then youtube. In the end I believe I will stay with both of them if the differences don't change. Let everyone else battle over which is better or migrate whatever they want to call it. I shall stay happy with all my different video sites. Check out my video below. Later all.

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