Thursday, June 28, 2007

Annual camping trip

Well it's that time of year again time for the annual family camping trip. This year we will have a new addition going with us Gracie our 2 year old rottweiler we just got her a couple months ago I hope she likes camping as much as Tim our dingo dog. The funny thing about Tim is that all year long he hates to be left outside very long but when we go camping he loves the outdoors. He gets all excited as soon as we start packing camping gear because he knows what's getting ready to happen. Things may be a little crowded this year though only taking one vehicle and two dogs and kids. I wonder if I could get away with packing hubby on top. Oh well we always seem to get all the sardines packed in the can so to speak. I just hope Gracie sits still like Tim does. I even got me a new rod and reel this year I finally found me another Zebco 808 reel to replace the one stolen years ago and of course I had to get a new rod to hold it an Ugly Stick. Hopefully I will be catching some real nice catfish this year. Talk to you all when I get back.

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