Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton cried her way out

Another good example of the rich and spoiled getting what they want. That's right Paris Hilton is out and free. OK she has to wear an ankle bracelet and stay home I'm sure she will cry her way out of that or maybe just make her dog wear it and stay home. Does this qualify us to be a communist country if the law and the rich are above the law? In our world today the rich get richer the poor get poorer. I'm sure all our ancestors who fought for our freedom are rolling over in their graves. Are we due for another American revolution to straighten our country out again? If Paris Hilton got out due to illness shouldn't they just have moved her to the infirmary and if it was a mental thing then lock her up in the funny farm. How many cons have got their time cut in half for good behavior before even going in not counting the rich and famous? how many cons have been let out under house arrest because of so called illness reasons? Here's another good one to ponder on maybe the reason all these illegals are getting to stay here and take our social security is because cheap labor is our governments way of getting away with slavery. After all why are they busting illegals at packing houses but our banks can get away with offering them credit cards and mortgage loans? Well I'm off to work to earn a honest days living as a blue collar worker.

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