Monday, August 20, 2007

Pittsburgh Steelers vintage beer can

I'll tell you one thing my customers really love me down at the VFW. I was talking with one of them about a month ago and it turned out we were both Pittsburgh Steeler fans. I told him about my little collection of Steeler stuff I had and he told me about some of the things he had. Well I was called in to work this weekend so the other bartender could go camping for the weekend and this customer had called to see if I would be working or be around. Well Saturday night he came in with a present for me this is so awesome. He brought me a 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl beer can still full unopened. This can is in perfect condition looks brand new just off the shelf except of course it has the old pull tab top. I could not believe it and what makes it real special is that 1979 is when I first started watching football and the Steelers have been my team since day one. I tell you it is great to be loved. Well I have to get ready for work again tonight its meeting night see you all later.

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