Friday, September 14, 2007

where have all the good people gone

You know it kind of saddens me when I check on the blog my neighbor set up for us to try and raise funds to help us. See back in may we had some very heavy rainfall and it brought the hill down on our house. So our neighbor set up a blog to try and raise funds because none of the insurance companies will pay. As far as FEMA need I say anymore we know how well they work.So here we are stuck cleaning up the mess ourselves and no way to get equipment up there even if we had the money. But if everyone would just donate 1 dollar when they visit its the first link on my list on sidebar. We would have raised enough money by now to at least pay some one to come in and help us. this is no joke it's for real I was on the news and the newspaper too. I guess it's just because I believe in helping other people that it shocks me to see no one has helped. I volunteer at the VFW I chauffeur a sweet old lady home 4 days a week. I've even given friends a roof over their heads when they were without. My husband gets mad because I will give my spare change to strangers if they ask for help. It breaks my heart to see what this world has come to all the greed and thinking of only #1. Remember the old days when neighbors used to help each other even strangers could get a helping hand. People you have let the bad guys take over your world and your hearts I feel sorry for you all may god have mercy on your souls. that is if you still believe in him or have you let the bad guys take that from you too.

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