Monday, April 09, 2007

men are so stupid

Men can be so stupid I am planning to take one of my vehicles to the junkyard. I'm going to make a video out of it like it's a funeral. One of the things to be done is put the makeup on the deceased so they look good for viewing. Meaning this would have been a part to video writing tank all over the car instead of a makeup job. So what does the moron man do he goes and writes tank all over it while I am not home to video it. Which means part one ruined thank you so much. Now I am working on the personal belongings to be buried with her you know trying to find extra scrap metal to make her weigh a little more when she goes over the scale. And of course moron man done some of that too while I was gone. Now I understand why men need women to babysit them they just can't think on their own I swear. So anyway I better go get my footage for the viewing part of the video before he screws that up too. Later all.

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