Thursday, April 19, 2007

Warm weather activities

Yes finally warm weather is here I have been so busy. We have been mushroom hunting, rock hunting, getting the yard and garden ready, and now we have a new addition to our family. My friend gave me a two year old female rottweiler. She is a very hyper dog with a fetish for balls she wants to play nonstop I have to hide the toys at night or she will bug you all night. Her and my dingo dog get along great already the cat and her are still working out some kinks.She's just so big and clumsy and she don't realize she is. She's not trying to hurt the cat just wants to be friends but he says not till you mellow out. The cat has already showed her that he rules the roost he even ate a piece of her dog food right in front of her to show he wasn't afraid. Well time to go do some digging and start planting everyone will be home soon so I can put them to work. Bye.

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