Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back to the old grindstone

Well I held out as long as I could now looks like I am going back to work part time at the VFW(veteran of foreign wars). Manager called me today asking if I could come back on weekends. Me being the softly that I am I said yes but only on a temporary basis. Told manager what was going on in my life right now with hubby so she said that would be fine. Looks like I get to be the weekend warrior again. That's ok extra money for Christmas time never hurts. I do fear though come next year in July if they elect the same commander no way I can stay. It's gonna be fun to see some of my old customers hopefully I can get some they lost back too. I feel bad they have changed hours and everything because of loss of business. But if those men would put as much effort into doing something to help as they do complaining they might actually have a business. I don't mind working just weekends because that's Friday night dinners and hall rental parties. So I'm bound to come home with some good stories and best of all they will probably be about strangers so I can talk about them in my blog. Don't worry my fans I will be able to keep up and keep them in line too.

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